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It is important to promote not only a healthy body image in children but also to show that you have a healthy body image.However, there are some steps you can take to help your child to recover and help your family’s routine return to normal.

Be a Healthy role model:

As a parent, you are a role model for your child. Avoid saying negative things about your physical appearance and weight. Instead, focus on what your body can do and on your positive attributes that have nothing to do with appearance. Minimize talk about good or bad foods and focus instead on the overall benefits of different food for health. Emphasize overall nutrition rather than fat or calories.Limit your child’s access to materials that focus on dieting or exercise.

Create a regular pattern of family mealtimes:

Make eating meals together as a family a priority, starting when your child is young. Eating as a family also promotes strong family bonds and better communication. It is important for someone to sit with them for every meal and snack.

Be Persistent and Consistent:

Sometimes it may happen that children and teens may hesitate to eat their feared foods.Sometimes they avoid compensatory activities such as exercising or using laxatives.  However, the only way for a child or teen to get over these fears is to keep eating different types of food and not use exercise to justify eating

In short,  Whatever you expect from your child, First Let you implement and become a role model for your kid.


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