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  •  Must Participate in Google‘s Google Science Fair 2017 I suggest you people to participate in the Google Science Fair Competition 2017 in which you can present your creative science projects including live projects and postures also. You can win good prizes from Google.

  • Top 5 Summer Vacation Indoor Activities for Children This video is about the Top 5 Summer Vacation Indoor Activities for Children. We are presenting here the easier activities that children can do at home with or without the help of their parents. By these activities, children will do more progress in their life as these […]

  • Easy Living (2017) HD Director : Adam Keleman. Writer : Adam Keleman. Producer : Adam Keleman, Laura Wagner. Release : September 15, 2017 Country : United States of America. Production Company : Bay Bridge Productions Inc., Green Ray Films. Language : English. Runtime : 80 Genre : Drama. Synopsis Watch Easy Living Full Movie Online […]

  • It is important to promote not only a healthy body image in children but also to show that you have a healthy body image.However, there are some steps you can take to help your child to recover and help your family’s routine return to normal. Be a Healthy role model: As a parent, you are […]

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Google Science Fair 2017

 Must Participate in Google‘s Google Science Fair 2017 I suggest you people to participate in the Google Science Fair Competition 2017 in which you can present […]

Easy Living (2017)


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So Students will be learning outside, armed with different devices, listening to a teacher of choice. Skills will not be assessed on paper but based […]

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Science Experiments – Do at you Home ON YOUR OWN RISK.. વિજ્ઞાનના રમકડાં વિધાર્થીઓ તેમજ શિક્ષકો શાળામાં કરી શકે તેવા પ્રયોગો આ યુ-ટયુબ સાઇટના ઓન લાઇન વિડિયો ફાઇલ જોવા આપના કોમ્પ્યુટરમા ફલેશ પ્લેયર ઇન્ટોલ કરવુ પડશે. હવાના પ્રયોગો : GUJARATI – THREAD LOOP – AUGUST 2011 – (1 MIN 06 SEC) GUJARATI – CD HOVERCRAFT – AUGUST 2011 – (2 MIN 12 SEC) GUJARATI – PULL PLUNGER – AUGUST 2011 – (1 MIN 38 SEC) […]

Saraswati School as always is first this time too.. We have made a useful book for the students learning English.. “Userful Verbs and Important Adjectives with their Forms”. Download it and share it as maximum as possible to all the students… Demo Pages:

watch full film download film Before I Fall Every year the visit of Apna Ghar makes the day memorable for the students. The students of Saraswati School visited a local old age home – ‘Apna Ghar’ this year also and got experienced about the critical conditions of the aged people who are hatred by their family itself. Sarasawti School students helped them and spent some time with them. Made them […]

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 2017 film trailer Yes, Saraswati School held a seminar using a projector about Swine Flu. Dr. Hetal Khimani gave explanation about swine flu and informed the students about the symptoms, prevention and treatment of swine flu. Visit Our website for more Details : Photo Gallery

Saraswati School has started quiz for students to improve their knowledge and practice. This quiz will help the students to gain more knowledge and complete giving the answers in a time limit. All questions, question paper and question-answers are uploaded within. Please click below to play the quiz.  47 Meters Down film

Saraswati School (School in Junagadh), wishes you all a very HAPPY UTTARAYAN..   Tan mein masti Mann mein umang. Dekar sabko apnapan Gud mein jaise meethapan. Hokar saath hum Udayen PATANG Aur bhar len aakash mein apne rang. Happy Uttarayan!

Most people have heard the phrase ‘random acts of kindness’, which refers to a selfless act of giving resulting in the happiness of another person. Terms like this are increasing in popularity around the world, as more people identify a deficiency in their lives that can only be fulfilled by altruism. It seems we just can’t get enough of those addictive feel good emotions and with good reason. Scientific studies […]

  Students of Saraswati School made and displayed the project of Sakkarbaug Zoo there (at Zoo) made by them and explained the visitors, the importance and functions of zoo, how to save the animals, etc..

    Nearly everything about the modern world is about striving for excellence, and for some it is about striving for perfection. Is there such a thing as perfect? All around them, students are being lead to believe that anything less than perfect is unacceptable; body image, educational or sporting achievements, what they possess, relationships. The media has played a huge part in steering these concepts, and also some parents, […]

Rashtriya Granth Saptah is celebrated during 14th to 20th November 2014 in the whole country. And obviously this time also Saraswati school was in the lime light. During this celebration period our students took part in Essay competition and Drawing Competition and they rock. The School congratulated the students and encouraged them for their victory.   For More Photos Click here : Photo Gallery