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sandwich making competition

Sandwich Making Competition

It was a fabulous experience indeed for the little ones when they made their own sandwiches with their classmates. The pupils discussed with their teachers and decided on the ingredients they wanted to purchase.A Dog’s Purpose 2017 live streaming film online

After undergoing a tough and gruelling sandwich-making competition, the event has finally come to an end with a literally delicious bang.

“It was really difficult to be one of the judges in this year’s Sandwich Making Competition. Not only were all the sandwiches delicious but they were all works of art! From the preparation of the ingredients all the way to the plating, you can really see each teams’ creativity, passion, dedication, and drive to win,” : Judges

Students were also given numbers from 1 to 3 based on decoration, creation and taste..

Saraswati School, Junagadh always remains ahead to encourage the students by anyway..

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Sandwich Making Competition

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